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Little Wisteria and Not on the High Street

Last month I got the amazing news that I'd been accepted onto Not on the High Street! I couldn't believe it! It's been a dream of mine ever since starting my business back in 2016. And now it's come true! Yay!

Sorry, exclamation mark overload. Can you tell I'm excited?! 

For some reason, as a small craft business owner, it feels kinda validating. It's not like Etsy where anyone and their dog can open up a shop (nothing against dogs) but they have to love what you do and you have to 'fit' with their look and feel. I remember receiving feedback from them once saying that they didn't think I would make back my fee 🙈 Yes, there is a large upfront fee, as well as commission... but that didn't put me off. 

I have applied maybe 3 or 4 times in the past and have always been rejected. Possibly because all I was making and selling back then were my wedding dishes? (Which were incredibly popular on Etsy by they way) Or maybe because I was taking all my product shots on a white background, not really the look they go for. Either way, since my last application, things have changed A LOT. 


So what's changed?

My product range, as you can see, has developed into the baby and child market with a range of personalised gifts. I think these probably started with my bestselling 'And in the middle of the chaos, there was you' rainbow. This rainbow sold so fast and in the thousands throughout the start of the 2020 pandemic, resonating with so many parents up and down the country, even overseas, it actually felt so painful when I had to close my shop in August 2020 to have my own lockdown baby. However, it was bittersweet because when I did reopen again it enabled me to get creative and develop other ideas further into the product ranges you can see today. 

I also invested heavily into my product photography with an amazing product photographer called Sophie. You can find her on Instagram @soph_styles. 

All this, I'm sure, contributed to my acceptance on to Not on the High Street. I am so grateful for your continued support which has allowed me to do all of this and for helping me to get where I am today. 

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