The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit has arrived!

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit has arrived!

This week saw the launch of the perfect tool for the DIY bride, or groom.

This printable wedding planner is unlike any others that you may have seen or even used. It's packed full of advice, tips and tools which you can start using right from the very start of your planning journey. I wanted to create something that answers all your questions as you go along. Something you could use as your wedding bible. It won't have all the answers, it's only £3.85, but it will have a lot. 

I have been providing gifts, dishes, to the wedding market for nearly 3 years now and wanted to give something different. When I got married, I couldn't find anything like this. Yes, there were planners but they mostly contained places to write down notes, thoughts, budgets and to have as a keepsake rather than as anything really that useful. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it but my organised brain craved for something more, something with detail, with sound advice on where and when to spend my efforts. Planning a wedding can be stressful but it absolutely doesn't need to be with the right tools.

This planner has been created from extensive research and real life experience. It's a work in progress but that doesn't take anything away from today's version. Every good piece of content needs to be updated, edited and improved over time and that's what will happen with this piece too. 

Get your copy now!

This is just the first of a long line of printables and I'm excited to see where it may lead. My next step is to make tools available separately to cater for different stages of your planning journey. These will also be super cheap, I know how expensive weddings can be.

Keep an eye on my blog for further updates. As soon as I have a release plan, I'll let you know. 

Thanks for reading!

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