Mother's Day Gift guide by Little Wisteria

My top 10 gifts for Mother's Day

Are you looking for the perfect gift? I've got you covered. 

From special, handcrafted, sustainable gifts to personalised, one of a kind, tasty gifts. Here is your ultimate Mother's Day gift guide

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1. Hoof and Paw's Rose Quartz Candle

Rose Quartz candle by Hoof and Paw

Embedded with a Rose Quartz crystal in natural soy wax. A unique blend of essential oils has been created to complement and enhance the properties of this crystal.


2. Little Wisteria Earring Stand

Little Wisteria Earring Stand

A beautifully simple scalloped earring stand finished with a simple piece of gold thread running across it. Ideal for up to 6 pairs of stud earrings. 
This stand can be personalised with any 4 words you choose. 


3. The Fox and the King Engraved Drawing

The Fox and the King Engraved Drawing

 The perfect gift for mother's Day for mums and grandmothers, personalised with a message of your choice and your child's drawing. A card that is also a permanent gift and a lovely keepsake/memory.


4. Stella and Wolf Vibrant Earrings

Stella and Wolf Vibrant Earrings

This version of the wonky heart drop earring has been hand painted in a modern abstract design using pretty pastel colours of emerald green, turquoise and pink with pale pink polka dots.
To finish the look a cute gold plated tear drop hangs from the bottom of the heart.


5. Silkenberry - The Silk Curl Kit

Silkenberry - The Silk Curl Kit

We love the heatless curl trend and what better way to achieve beautiful waves and curls than with our signature Silk Curl kit. Create curls with ease using zero heat and no damage to your natural hair. By using a silk curling ribbon opposed to a dressing gown tie, or socks you are looking after your hair, preventing breakage and eliminating frizz. Suitable for hair chin length and longer. 


6. Nephele Bags

Nephele Bags

Nephele is here to change your perception of sustainability, creating beautiful & bold leather handbags, whilst reducing waste. With a desire to move away from the domination of fast fashion, Nephele’s aim is to create sustainable pieces that are made to last.


7. Isabella and Us - Wellbeing magazine for mums

 Isabella and Us - Wellbeing magazine for mums

The Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums is a quarterly print publication of all things motherhood and positive wellbeing. It is more than ‘just a magazine’, it offers inspiration, information and relaxation for mums. The Zine is filled with a selection of articles around motherhood and positive wellbeing alongside beautiful illustrations and photography. Each issue focuses on mums being able to take time out for self-care. 


8. Yara's Fudge - proper tablet fudge

Yara's tablet fudge

We call our product, Tablet, but use the term 'fudge', because as we live and sell our product in England, we want our customers to understand what it is that we are selling. So, why? What is the difference? Tablet and fudge base ingredients are butter, sugar, milk (in some form or another) but tablet is boiled to a hotter point than you would your fudge. So, before it turns to toffee but after is has reached a setting point.


9. Personalised painting from Lily and the Bears Illustrates

Lily and the Bears Illustrates personalised painting

 Lily creates gorgeous paintings from your photos. I have one of my husband and daughter walking to school on her first day. It's so beautiful. 


10. Stanley and Maud - personalised jewellery

Stanley and Maud personalised jewellery

Personalised, hand stamped jewellery. Choose from a designed piece or design your own. 


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